This Snuffle Mat is custom made for you.

The size is approx 20cm x 30cm, it is handmade in New Zealand and is the perfect size for cats and small dogs who will only be given treats in the mat, not their whole meals. There is plenty of room to hide a handfull of treats in the thick layers of fleece. Your pooch will love searching and snuffling away to find the hidden treats! 

Snuffle Mats can be used to slow down a fast eater, make mealtime more fun, put an energetic puppy to sleep, entertain an inquisitive mind and calm an anxious dog.


Our products are made to last so you will not be wasting your money on a toy that will be in pieces in a week. We make our Snuffle Mats with thick safety rubber and long strands of fleece. Each strand is double knotted so your dog cannot pull them out.


Puppies and even some adult dogs might try and chew the mat initially so it is important you supervise them when first introducing the Snuffle Mat. We recommend to fill it with treats and take it away as soon as they've finished eating/snuffling. You should only have to do this for a week or so as they should then associate the Snuffle Mat as a food dispenser, not a chewing toy.

Choose your colours Small Snuffle Mat

  • Washing a Snuffle Mat is easy - just use a hose or soak it in the sink. If using detergents, make sure they are natural so they don't irritate dog's skin. Hang the mat upside down and air-dry thoroughly in the sun.