Snuffle Bomb is a fun, durable and multipurpose dog enrichment toy.


It can be used as a treat ball providing mental stimulation and tons of fun for your dog. It is also a great toy to play fetch or tug with!


The base is made of non-toxic rubber and its open design allows you to stash small treats or kibble inside. Your dog will spend ages rolling it around, sniffing and snuffling while trying to get all the pieces out.


We use various shades of red, purple, green, blue and yellow fleece fabrics to make our multicolored Snuffle Bombs.

* Please note the shades and the proportion of colors may vary from the photos shown on our website.


Puppies or even some adult dogs might try and chew the fleece material so it is important you supervise them when first introducing the Snuffle Bomb. Only leave them unsupervised with the product once you are confident they won't try and eat it. 

Snuffle Bomb (multicoloured)

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  • Machine washable. We recommend using the hand-wash cycle with the lowest possible spin speed, then air dry in the sun.